One of the largest farms in all of Europe for donkeys in the village of Seliminovo for the production of natural donkey milk – the revival of an ancient elixir of life!


In an interview with Nova TV, we shared our experience and our future challenges:

Prof. Nikolina Naydenova from the Thracian University Agricultural University and Mr. Totyu Kolev of the Agricultural Institute St. Zagora are the team of scientists who help the young owner of Mar-Iv 2016 Ltd. – Marcello Kyuchukov, discovering the beneficial properties of donkey milk.

The firm started in 2018 and has 400 young animals. They are reared kept free to guarantees high quality milk and meat.

The company won the first prize at the International Fair Plovdiv as the winner of the INNOVATION COMPETITION section “Products, Machines and Technologies for Food Processing Industry” with its production “Brined Cheese from Donkey milk”

The “Foodtech 2018” event was featured in all media, such as white cheese and yellow cheese from donkey milk, which became a hit at the fair.

The hit of the brined cheese from Donkey milk –

The whole interview with AgroPlovdiv can be found at Seliminovo

Here’s what we shared with BG Fermer’s cameras:

After the success we gave an interview to DCNews journalists – Wrestler national produces the most expensive milk and cheese in the world!

For the valuable qualities of milk still in ancient Greece, Hippocrates (a founder of medicine) has prescribed it as a cure for various diseases.

The Roman historian Pliny the Elder also writes about the health benefits of donkey milk. In his writings he describes it as helping in fatigue, ulcer, poisoning, facial wrinkles, etc.

Cleopatra the ruler of Egypt who lived during the Roman Empire is known for her regular baths with donkey milk that have preserved her beauty over the years.

In the modern world donkey milk is also recognized as extremely useful and healthy. It helps with children with milk allergies and as a substitute for breast milk. Also in people with eczema, psoriasis, asthma and respiratory problems at any age. Milk is a source of vitamin B, B12 and C, as well as nutrients. Contains over 60 times more vitamin C than in breast milk. It has been found that donkey milk with its qualities is important for the proper functioning of the body. It has antiviral, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory action. It can also be used to treat anorexia and osteoporosis.

The firm presents for the first time on the Bulgarian market brined cheese, yellow cheese and lactic acid drinks made entirely from 100% donkey milk.